Rubber Membranes are ideal for

Tank Liners

No tank is too big or too small to line with a rubber liner. Whether it be a concrete tank for a new multstorey building or a bolted steel circular tank, Southland can fabricate a complete, one-piece membrane to contain any volume of water

Pond Liners

Create something beautiful with a waterfeature in your own backyard - it's easier than you think. Rubber is the ideal membrane to store water for aquatic features exposed to the harsh Australian sun. All you need is a Southland rubber liner and your imagination

Pillow tanks

Catch some of this season's deluge in a flexible rubber pillow tank. Store your water under your house, or in that space you never use. Roll up your pillow tank and store it when you need the space for other things

Southland liners for all your liquid containment needs