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Christmas Shutdown 2020

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Our office will close from

Wednesday 23rd December 2020

and reopen

Monday 4th January 2021

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe (and healthy) New Year

Southland’s liners help in Bushfire Season

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From one of our customers:

“Thank you for the pronpt delivery of both liners. Both ponds are now full and we have 35000l in the ground which made the local fire brigade very happy. We are in the likely path of a major fire …. that will slowly creep down the valley and the water might be key to saving the houses in our hamlet. I appreciate the diligence, care and professionalism of yourself and your team

We tuck this news item here not as a marketing ploy, but simply as statement of our concern. Stay safe out there. We join the country as we pray for more rain!

Winter is the perfect time to install an EPDM rubber liner

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Catch some of that winter rain in your brand new water feature. EPDM is the prefect material for outdoor ponds and dams. Check out our store for some specials

December Rush

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December is a busy period for Southland. We will do our very best to try work in with your deadline. Please keep in mind most tank lining projects require time to fabricate. Please contact us if your project is required before Christmas

2017 Christmas Shutdown 18th Dec

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The year has flown! Our Christmas break is a week early this year but we’ll be returning early (just after New Years Day)

18th December 2017 – 2nd January 2018.

Cyclone Debbie

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to our North Queenslanders who experienced the devastation of Cyclone Debbie. The the system continues impact South Queensland, though not the predicted high winds to our knowledge. Brisbane is getting very wet at the moment.

Happy New Year – welcome to 2016

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2015 was one of Southland’s best years. We’re hoping to back that up with another year of customer satisfaction this year in 2016. We look forward to working with our loyal customers and creating solutions for new customers.

In 2015 we discovered:

  • More and more builders are realising that paint-on waterproofing inside concrete water storage tanks is not reliable. Concrete moves and even small cracks in the wall/floor joints will cause paint-on waterproofing to fail. Instead, builders are now preempting this and insisting on rubber pre-fabricated independent membranes in their tanks.
  • Builders are now tied to 7 year defect liability periods by law. This means they can’t rely on products that simply do not last that long (despite what the warranty states). Rubbers outlast all similar materials not only in warranty period but also in proven working life.
  • Builders are turning to Southland for a rubber solution after alternative material solutions fail.

Southland only supply rubber membranes. Rubber is an expensive material but with long term benefits. The Australian building industry is now demanding long term solutions to water storage problems. Contact Southland now for more solutions

Merry Christmas

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Christmas is almost upon us and we’re busy! On behalf of the Southland Liners Team, we’d like to thank all our customers for helping make 2015 one of the most successful years we can remember. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year

Frog pond

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One of our customers sent us this photo of their frog pond (here in Brisbane of all places). Beautiful work. With Spring now here, it’s a great time to get creative.

frog pond

Spring Elodia flowers

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Elodia is a hardy pond weed suitable for most climates. I’ve posted previously regarding my flourishing crop of Elodia that has overtaken my pond. I have also mentioned the flowers that bloom from the weed when it runs along the surface of the water. This year the plants have obviously matured as there are little white flowers everywhere (on closer examination, I now see the ‘yellow’ is actually the pollen. I’m not sure this counts as ‘pigment’ in the flower so I won’t call them ‘white and yellow’). Nothing says ‘spring’ like little splashes of colour in your pond


(the middle photo is a flower from a lily in the same pond – not to be confused with the Elodia flowers on either side – same pond)

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