A Pond in the Making

Many thanks to Eugene from the Gold Coast in QLD for the photos of his beautiful water feature in construction. We hope it will inspire:

Step 1

Eugene has used a protective layer of sand under the liner. All membranes are susceptible to puncture from sharp objects. As tough as rubber is, we always recommend a barrier between the rubber and the substrate.

Step 2

Eugene purchased a single flat sheet of rubber 7m x 4.2m in (1mm thick EPDM). Note how easily the rubber can be forced to conform to the irregular shape of his pond. Clever folds and care in placement. Temporary rocks are placed around the perimeter to hold the liner while positioning

Step 3

Eugene has chosen to create a rock ramp for access to his water feature. Make sure you choose rounded rocks for this purpose. We recommend using rubber offcuts in these areas for an additional layer of protection. Also note how strategic placement of rocks can make the liner entirely invisible. Not that a filter has been used in this installation (bottom right). Be careful sealing the liner in these areas. We recommend keeping all filters and pumps on top of the membrane and keeping the liner in one, watertight piece. All penetrations should be mechanically clamped with sealants/glues used only as a secondary seal.

Elonora QLD May 2014 1 Elonora QLD May 2014 3 Elonora QLD May 2014 2

The top edge of the liner can be finished with pavers or tiles for a neat, clean presentation.

Finished product…

Elonora QLD May 2014 5


Elonora QLD May 2014 4

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