Southland Helps Repair

From a customer after we assisted them through their bushfire damage:

I thought I’d send you a before and after shot of our patch up work. We had enough of everything to finish the job. Thank you very much again for your kindness it is so very much appreciated. God bless.


Southland’s liners help in Bushfire Season

From one of our customers:

“Thank you for the prompt delivery of both liners. Both ponds are now full and we have 35000l in the ground which made the local fire brigade very happy. We are in the likely path of a major fire …. that will slowly creep down the valley and the water might be key to saving the houses in our hamlet. I appreciate the diligence, care and professionalism of yourself and your team

We note this news item here not as a marketing ploy, but simply as statement of our concern. Stay safe out there. We join the country as we pray for more rain!

Spring Elodia flowers

Elodia is a hardy pond weed suitable for most climates. I’ve posted previously regarding my flourishing crop of Elodia that has overtaken my pond. I have also mentioned the flowers that bloom from the weed when it runs along the surface of the water. This year the plants have obviously matured as there are little white flowers everywhere (on closer examination, I now see the ‘yellow’ is actually the pollen. I’m not sure this counts as ‘pigment’ in the flower so I won’t call them ‘white and yellow’). Nothing says ‘spring’ like little splashes of colour in your pond