Tank Liner Installation Gallery

Tank Refurbishment

Tanks with paint-on membranes are prone to failure due to cracking of the concrete walls (normal building movement). Also, ground water in basement tanks often lifts paint-on coatings, causing it to bubble and crack off. In these cases, Southland can be called on to retrofit a butyl rubber bladder.  The bladder is made in one piece to suit the tank – it can be fed through the manhole and unfolded inside the tank very quickly – PROBLEM SOLVED!


Liner Installation Sequence

All Southland liner installations are pre-lined with a geofabric underlay. The geofabric serves two purposes (1) Cushions any sharp areas in the tank (2) Bridges micro-gaps in the walls, taking potential strain off the liner membrane. The rubber liner membrane is made in one piece such that it can be unfolded inside the tank and pinned in place


New Tank Installations

Most building sites treat tanks as confined spaces – even when partially open during construction.  For this reason, rubber liners are a favoured choice for new tank installations. Liners can be made to size off the plans in one piece. Southland’s experienced crew are well equipped and trained for WHS requirements associated with such spaces. Because the liners are rubber, most installations do not require any bonding on site – NO FUMES IN THE CONFINED SPACE.  Rubber liner installation is quick, efficient and safe